GOLEM IMS GmbH is an innovation technology company born from creative principles and strong scientific foundations. Our mission is to link our physical and virtual worlds, develop tools to make models of cyber-physical systems existing in our physical world and link the models to various processes taking place in the both worlds and run the models enabling digital transformation of big data into holistic customised information services and controls.

Our developers and artists work in heretofore unexplored places. We build smart platforms that can provide real time AI-driven assessment of sustainability of target Big System of Systems, predict its change and trends with a variety of powerful practical applications, scalable products and experiences that assist smart management and governance.

The company runs its research and development and innovation business from its main headquarters in Vienna, Austria providing customers and partners with unique novel intelligent sustainable system services and solutions for:

  • Meeting today’s and tomorrow’s needs in dealing with accelerated change, increasing complexity and use of smart everything everywhere  or smartification of our world
  • Offering unique holistic vision of multiple concurrent processes taking place in both physical and virtual worlds and novel options to monitor and control overall sustainability of a complex cyber-physical systems 
  • Automation of real time data collection from a large number of diverse data sources and systems for its transformation into customised digital services to simplify daily routine operations and its adaptation to ever-changing application requirements
  • Integration of information from heterogeneous systems into holistic vision of operations and condition monitoring.